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play_circle_outline 1.1 Introduction to HTML
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Learn HTML- Beginner to Advanced
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Fərda Kərimov


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About Course

  • No prior programming knowledge is needed
  • Any HTML editor and HTML5 compatible web browser
  • Great persistence to learn HTML5 professionally

Subscription fee:

  • 19.99 AZN (1-month access)


Are you’re a beginner who wants to start programming and become a web developer or an experienced programmer who wants to advance their knowledge about HTML.

If your answer is yes, you are the right way, and let’s start

We do not assume any prior knowledge so we go through the concepts from the beginner's point of view. This course is prepared to give students contemporary insights at HTML and HTML 5 features. We will start with the selection of some significant text editors. Then we jump to the main HTML elements and the syntax of the elements in HTML. Also, paragraphs and heading will be our topic and I show you some scarce markup tags which you can not find them easily. You can create lists, tables, hyperlinks, and images at the end of the course. As well as this, we’ll learn all semantic elements and their usage in the HTML document. In addition, you can learn to create forms in HTML and I’ll give you some very necessary data which are so rare. It should be mentioned that you will be aware of how to add CSS codes to your Html page. We will cover other advanced topics such as HTML entities, Extensible Html( XHTML), image maps with their usage, and other advanced HTML elements.

After completing the course, you will be able to professionally write the codes of your web page.

Anything we covered, in theory, had a hands-on example in the course. This course is both theoretical and practical.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for people who want to get into web development
  • Beginner students who desire to be a professional developer
  • Experienced programmers who want to advance their knowledge

What You'll Learn

  • check Master HTML5 Web and App Development from beginner to advanced level
  • check Opportunity to test your knowledge about HTML with the quiz
  • check At the end of the course, you will be able to create HTML5 websites on your own
  • check You will have the opportunity to refresh what you know with the final project

Course Content

1 - Basics of HTML 0.40 hours
2 - Text and Formatting Elements 0.28 hours
3 - HTML Tables 0.18 hours
4 - HTML Lists 0.16 hours
5 - HTML Links 0.12 hours
6 - Forms in HTML 0.43 hours
7 - HTML Multimedia 0.43 hours
8 - Semantic Elements 0.16 hours
9 - HTML Attributes 0.34 hours
10 - HTML Entities 0.05 hours
11 - Project 0.19 hours

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